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Hybrid work in Australia

What is the state of hybrid work in Australia and how do we succeed with hybrid work? Find out in this webinar with Sebastian Jensen from Pronestor and Justin Appi from Zeplin

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About the webinar

All over the world companies are beginning to reopen their offices, but how they go about it is very different. Over the past two years, most organizations have seen the benefits to having employees work remote, but that’s not without its challenges. At the same time employees aren’t necessarily ready to go back to the office. And that’s were hybrid work comes into play.

In this webinar Justin Appi from Zeplin and Sebastian Jensen from Pronestor talks about the state of hybrid work in Australia and looks at what Australian companies need to do, to be successful in adapting hybrid work.

What are other organizations looking for right now? What do they need to make the transition from fully remote to hybrid? What is needed to make hybrid work a success? Those are just some of the questions they will discuss over the course of the webinar.


  • The state of hybrid work in Australia
  • The challenges of hybrid work
  • Tips on transitioning to hybrid work


  • Sebastian Jensen, Pronestor
  • Justin Appi, Zeplin

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