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Thanks for checking out our webinars! Currently, we only have English versions but we are working hard on translating and making it relevant for your country. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

On-demand webinars

Hybrid work in Belgium

What is the state of hybrid work in Belgium and how does the employee-employer relationship change when we don’t see each other every day?

Hybrid work for beginners

On June 23rd Gertrud and Anna will take you through our beginner's guide to hybrid work from both a company and an employee perspective. We'll talk about all the benefits of hybrid work from happier and stress free employees to lessening the environmental impact of your company.

Make Hybrid work

During this webinar we're going to talk about how you can make hybrid work for your organization; the biggest benefits of hybrid work, scheduling strategies and how to implement them, how to reduce the number of workstations in your office, but before we get to all that, we’ll give you an update on how the return to the office is going for companies all over Europe by taking a quick dive into our workplace data.

Hybrid work in Australia

What is the state of hybrid work in Australia and how do we succeed with hybrid work? Find out in this webinar with Sebastian Jensen from Pronestor and Justin Appi from Zeplin

Returning to the office

The pandemic has changed the way we think about work and how we think about the office. But after two years of virtual meetings and telecommuting, we’re seeing companies all over the world reopen their offices. Get inspired by finding out how 3 major tech companies plan to reopen their offices and implement hybrid work.

Efficient meeting scheduling in Outlook

Employees all over the world report that one of the biggest challenges when it comes to meetings is the planning. Locating the proper meeting room and managing the associated tasks such as sending out internal and external invites, notifying concierge services and catering staff, informing your billing center. With the right tools even rescheduling meetings can be simple, and all of it takes place directly in your Outlook application.

Transforming to a hybrid work model

Does your return to the office include showing up to work only to find that every single desk is already taken? Or are you having trouble figuring out when your team is working from the office and when they work from home? Then this on-demand webinar is exactly what you need.