februar 23, 2021

Are you our new Senior Software Developer?

1500X1000 Man Behind Desktop

Our development team is looking for talented senior software developers to help us develop more awesome products. Our tech stack is a .NET backend with a React and Redux frontend. If you are frontend lead potential, then we definitely want to talk to you. If you think writing tests are a waste of time, then you don't need to apply, but if you are game for good discussion on architechture and patterns then you should pull up a chair and get comfortable.

Our dev team is 10 souls large when counting both our PM and our UX/UI designer. We enjoy working with scrum ceremonies and Lena has a reputation for planning a phenomenal friday bar, even when we have to do it over Teams. If that doesn't quite cut it, Rasmus will dust off the dutch oven and cook a chili over a firepit, giving us a chance to safely meet in person.

Once we are all safely back in the office you will work with all of us here in Kgs. Lyngby. If any of this sounds like something you'd like to know more about, then read more here