Case study

Pronestor Customer: LanguageWire

Moving into a new and large office environment, LanguageWire decided to look for a digital signage solution to get a better overview of their daily meeting activities. Far too often, they found themselves without any available rooms in the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook calendar even though the rooms were physically empty, which led to a lot of unnecessary confusion and interruptions.

The challenge

LanguageWire is a leading translation company with offices throughout Europe and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the translation industry.

Far too often they found themselves without any available rooms in the Outlook calendar even though the rooms were physically empty. The meetings had been cancelled or rescheduled but had not been removed from or edited in the calendar.

Spontaneous meetings were almost impossible to make and on a daily basis meetings were interrupted by other colleagues claiming that it was “their” room.

LanguageWire started to look for a digital display solution that would help them visualize their daily meeting activities and give them a better overview of the conference rooms' actual status. 

“Moving into a new and large office environment we were looking for a digital display solution that would give us a better overview of our conference rooms and the daily meeting activities.”
– LanguageWire

The result

“The result is fantastic!

We have a complete overview of our daily meeting activities and we are sure that all conference rooms are updated in Exchange/Outlook.

We can book our meetings directly on the screen which makes the whole booking process a lot easier and supports the spontaneity in our employees. We are also sure that all meetings that are not held as planned are automatically deleted from the calendar in Exchange/Outlook.

The solution is set up to demand a confirmation at the beginning of every meeting. If you avoid to do so the meeting is automatically deleted after 15 minutes and the room is liberated.

In this way we avoid empty conference rooms and we have been able to cut down one conference room because we optimized the use of our rooms”, says Thor Angelo.

1600X900 Languagewire Booking Display

iPads and frames

Outside every conference room LanguageWire now has iPads. It looks very professional. All iPads are mounted with frames from proNestor’s business partner Premier Mounts. They are specialized in frames and mounts for digital monitors and their IPM-700 frame for iPads is both stylish and easy to mount.

With a few screws the iPad is in place. The frame can also be mounted on glass walls and it comes in various colours. LanguageWire has a lot of external business partners and customers visiting their premises and they are proud to present a digital signage solution that is both cool and professional and even adapted to their own corporate design.


Top marks for Pronestor!

“Pronestor has been very professional throughout the whole process. Implementation was easy and any issues have been solved professionally by the Pronestor helpdesk.

We warmly recommend Pronestor and Pronestor Display.”, Thor Angelo concludes. 

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