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office space utilization

Workplace analytics

By tapping into data from our product suite, Pronestor Insights gives you a 360-degree picture of your organisation's meeting activities and your office space utilization. By combining data and feedback from the users, you can get specific action-points to enhance facility availability, which is crucial for employee work processes.

office space utilization

Get insights into behaviour patterns

It is essential for Pronestor that our solutions support you in your everyday work. Company facilities should always enable you in your work. If this is not the case, it will become visible with Pronestor Insights, where you can see behavioural patterns based on facility usage. Implementing our product suite is the first step, but we urge you to continuously monitor the facility availability in your organisation to ensure that everything is in place to support your employees.

office space utilization

Compare your meeting rooms

Compare similar meeting rooms with different occupancy to investigate why one is more popular that the other. And measure how well meeting rooms are utilised in a size-range of rooms. This way, you will get insights into valuable workplace analytics and see if you can benefit from dividing a large meeting room into two smaller rooms - or the other way around.

office space utilization

Office space utilization

Pronestor Insights provides workplace analytics from two perspectives. 1. For your management, offering accurate action-points that will ensure that your existing facilities are used to their maximum. The focus is to improve the usage of existing facilities instead of adding further fixed costs to your organization. 2. For your users, as the data will point to specific metrics needed to enhance working facilities and support their work processes.

office space utilization

Reduce no-shows

Pronestor Insights provides you with facts about three types of meetings: Confirmed meetings, no-shows and spontaneous meetings. With these workplace analytics, organizations can determine if they need additional rooms or if they need to optimize the usage of existing facilities. Deliver data to inspire your organisation to reduce the number of no-shows and create possibility for spontaneous meeting. And track down recurring no-show bookings act accordingly.

office space utilization

Pick up on visitor behavior

How many visitors do you have on your locations on a yearly basis? Or just monthly? The data from Insights can play an important role in helping your reception. Pronestor Insights can help your reception accommodate for upcoming events, know when to increase staffing, or if additional pre-registration is needed. Knowing the total amount of visitors will help you decide if your facilities need to enhance security measures to accommodate the increase in visitors.


 Planner Insights Features 

See the utilization of your meeting rooms

A central overview of meeting room use

Most used meeting rooms

Get detailed insight into when specific meetings rooms are booked

Peaktime for your reception

Gain insight into when your reception is most occupied

Improve your meeting culture

Quantify the number of unconfirmed bookings and have a basis for improving the meeting culture


Pronestor Insights gives you the workplace analytics you need. You can see office space analytics, booking peak-times, number of cancelled meetings, number of visitors and visitor flows among other things

Yes, it is possible to fetch data from our API

Anyone interested in optimizing the usage of your company’s meeting rooms and resources. This should of course in the end benefit your employees and their time spent at the office

You can pinpoint meeting rooms with below normal usage, see if you need more meeting rooms with a certain capacity and even analyze if employees have a good meeting culture and cancel bookings well in advance.

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