Is your workplace management software GDPR compliant?

As a result of the US CLOUD Act, storing data with most major cloud providers can result in a breach of GDPR without you even knowing it. A way to avoid this issue is to employ on-premise installations over cloud-services wherever possible.

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Install your Pronestor products on your on servers or in the cloud

Pronestor Planner, Pronestor Display and Pronestor Visitor can all be delivered as cloud-services or installed directly on your servers to fit your needs. However, due to the fundamental differences between the two installation types, the two options doesn't mirror each other completely when it comes to features.

Cloud only features

  • ADFS or Azure single sign on lets your users sign on with their AD password without the password ever being stored outside your AD
  • Your chosen Pronestor product can be accessed online, allowing you to reach it from both the office and at home
  • A cloud installation allows a higher level of integration with Exchange than an on-premise installation
  • Our data analysis tool Pronestor Insights gives you a dashboard overview of how your solution is being used by employees
  • With a cloud installation we maintain your servers and ensure a high security and maximum uptime.

On-premise only features

  • Windows single sign on lets your users sign on with their AD password without the password ever being stored outside your AD
  • Your Pronestor products are hosted on a closed network, so they aren’t accessible outside your organization’s network
  • You maintain your own servers, giving you full control over data, security and uptime
  • An on-premise installation offers a smaller degree of integration with Exchange than on cloud, but it still allows us to ensure that meetings are the same within you’re your Planner and your calendar.

What’s the difference between cloud and on-premise solutions?

The fundamental difference between cloud and on-premise solutions lie in the location of your data. While a cloud solution employs remote servers to store data, an on-premise installation means your data is stored directly on your own servers and computers.




The CLOUD Act (or Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) was enacted in 2018 and is a federal law which gives US law enforcement authorities power to request access to data stored by most major cloud providers, even if that data is stored outside of the United States.

While there are safeguards within the CLOUD Act itself and the GDPR, there is no doubt that US authorities have the power to issue SCA orders against cloud providers to access data stored outside of the United States, which is why authorities in some countries suggest that public organizations should avoid cloud-based solutions whenever possible.

Our cloud security is among the best in the world

All data stored in the cloud versions of Pronestor products is stored in an Amazon data center. The agreement between Pronestor and AWS means that data is not transferred to or accessed outside of the locations where they are hosted. To comply with GDPR our data is stored on servers in Ireland.

Further, the Amazon data centers have the highest level of security processes available on the market. You can read more about AWS security here. And if you need it, you can read more about the Pronestor GDPR policy here.

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