Case story

TCorp eliminated double bookings of their meeting rooms

TCorp, the financial markets partner for New South Wales public sector, had outgrown their meeting room and resource management solution, and the ongoing productivity and efficiency issues of their old approach was beginning to cause frustration.

Who is TCorp?

Industry: Finance / Public Sector

TCorp is the financial markets partner for New South Wales public sector.

Employees: 200+

TCorp employs more than 200 people throughout Australia

Challenge: Meeting room scheduling and resource management

TCorp experienced ongoing productivity and efficiency issues related to their meeting room and resource management solution.

Products: Pronestor Planner and Pronestor Display

Pronestor Planner and Display helped TCorp eliminated double bookings of their meeting rooms and streamline their resiurce management.

What did they want?

Before implementing the Pronestor Planner and Display solutions, TCorp were using Outlook and Exchange to handle their meeting room and resource management, but like most modern organizations they had a need for several features which were missing from their setup, and this caused frustration for employees and facilities management alike.

With the plans to move to a new office, TCorp decided to take a look at their meeting room utilization and find a better way to support their range of professional concierge services.

In the early process they came up with a list of key features they needed, which could support their room and resource management:

  • They wanted support for both internally managed and concierge managed meeting rooms with a seamless integration for all users
  • They wanted the ability to restrict access to functions and resources based on a system of user roles
  • They wanted integrated interactive digital displays for all meeting rooms
  • They wanted their new solution to integrate seamlessly with Outlook to minimize the transition impact for users
  • It needed to support the day-to-day operational functions of the concierge team
  • It needed to be deployed on-premises in line with their corporate policy
“Being able to book rooms directly from the displays makes spontaneous meetings so much easier, and because the displays are synchronized with Exchange as well as Pronestor Planner it doesn’t interfere with planned meetings. We’ve completely eliminated issues with double bookings, and these days it’s very rare that a meeting is interrupted due to confusion about who booked which room.”
Georgina Denier - Front of House Manager, TCorp

What did we do?

As a way to help solve the issues TCorp had identified with their old solution, we presented them with a combination of our meeting room booking system and our conference room scheduling display software, as the two solutions combined would give the financial markets partner a scalable solution which addressed each of their needs very specifically.

Pronestor Planner was installed for all concierge managed rooms

We implemented Pronestor Planner (the meeting room booking system) on all their concierge-managed rooms, as this would give the concierge team the ability to control how rooms were booked and added the ability to tie services such as catering orders to room bookings. This last part means that a cancelled room booking, for instance, will also result in cancelling catering for that particular meeting, and moving the meeting from one room to another, will automatically move the catering order to the new room as well. This removes the manual (and often error filled) process of carrying out cancellations and changes as multiple separate actions.

Pronestor Planner supports the day-to-day operational functions of the concierge team

We provided the TCorp concierge team with a simple dashboard view of all daily meetings, which lets them move meetings to different rooms in a simple flow, should the need arise.
Further, they have the ability to generate reports on the different rooms to support their daily operations and provide an outstanding service to any guest arriving in the TCorp reception.

Digital signage panels gives TCorp a complete overview of their meeting rooms

In addition to the meeting room display tablets which were mounted outside each meeting room, TCorp also chose a display panel dashboard for their reception area for easy visitor navigation and to give staff an easy way to find out which rooms were occupied.

Minimal changes to old processes

We added the Pronestor Planner as an Outlook integration, which meant that the TCorp employees would continue working with a familiar system, while also giving them the ability to search and filter rooms with specific equipment, seating capacity and any other attributes they needed.

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